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Train & Game Trailer for Rent

Professional delivery to Elizabeth City, NC and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

Game Trailer Rental and Train Rental

Game trailer rental and train rental are two of our more popular and unique rentals.  While we specialized in inflatable rentals, sometimes we have to mix it up a bit.  Game trailer rental and train rental is doing just that. We wanted to offer the very best selection of different types of party rentals to meet the different needs.

Our game trailer rental offers a unique experience found within the trailer. You can play Playstation, Xbox and more with your friends for hours.  This party rental is very popular among those with older kids.  However, we are not going to lie, we have had some parents rent it for themselves.  Having a video game night with all your best buds can be done with ease.  Challenge your opponents to a game that you both are completely new at.  Or offer this at your next party for your guests to enjoy. Our game trailer comes fully equipped and will only need the power to play.

Train Rental

While our game trailer rental is pretty unique and amazing, we also offer something that the little ones really enjoy, that’s a train rental.  Our train rental is a train complete with an engine that will pull the kids around with ease.  No need for tracks as our train rental is completely trackless but offers a great time for those that need a lift.  We use our train rental for backyard events but it is really popular at inflatable carnivals. The train can be set up to take people to the back of the carnival with a stop at the concessions.  This can assist in moving people around your carnival with ease and not have people walking everywhere.  After all, many people that attend an inflatable carnival are hauling small children in tow and anything to entertain them and move them is greatly appreciated.

Game Trailer Rental

If you are looking to throw a party, you might want to consider our game trailer rental or train rental.  We work with those that live in Elizabeth City, NC, and the surrounding area to put together a party that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come.  While we do offer train rental and game trailer rental, we also offer many other party rental options. These include concession rentals, water slide rentals, bounce house rentals, table, and chair rentals, and tent rentals to name a few.  Be sure to check out our new photo booth rental as well, as we are pretty proud of that.

All of our party rentals arrive at your location before any of your guests.  If the setup is needed, we will take the time to set up and inspect everything.  We want your party to be great and do inspections to ensure everything is in proper working order before we leave.  Whether for a backyard party, a community event, or a fundraiser our party rentals are great for so many occasions.  Big or small, we have the party equipment you need to have a wonderful time with your guests.  Call now.