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Water Slides for Rent

Water rides and water slides are a great way to cool down on a hot summer day! Get wet and have fun with these fun water slides and bouncers.
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Waterslide Rentals

Waterslide rentals offer a unique experience to your party-goers.  Many times people cannot believe just how big our water slide rentals are.  They are huge and will demand attention from guests as they climb up the steps to slide down into the splash pool at the bottom.  Our water slide rentals are perfect for backyard events, school parties, community gatherings, and more.  If you want to impress your guests at your next party, you need a water slide rental.  We also offer bounce house rentals, yard game rentals and tent rentals as well.

Water slide rentals are perfect for any party.  However, they will take electricity and a hose. That’s how the slide gets its water.  Many of our water slide rentals can be used as dry slide rentals, should you want to keep guests dry. However, in this North Carolina heat, water slide rentals are perfect!  

Our water slide rentals come delivered and set up for you. You simply need to figure out the date and time, and we do the rest.  If you have a specific area you would like us to set up, be sure you are there when we arrive. These rentals weigh well over several 100lbs, so we try not to move them once they are ready to go.  Because of their weight, we ask that you choose an area that is easy to access with a 4ft wide roll on a dolly. This will ensure that we can fit the rental in your space.  Many people have rented from us with fenced backyards that do not have wide enough gates.

Setting Up Water Slide Rentals

Also, for safety reasons, we like to set up our water slide rentals on flat ground.  This ensures that it is stable and won’t start rolling down the hill.  Our rentals are disinfected back at the warehouse before being stored, awaiting the next party. We want everyone to have a wonderful time at your party, and we take safety very seriously.  We recommend that you have an adult supervisor to ensure that the children use the water slide rental as they should.  

While many people think that water slide rentals are only for kids, that simply isn’t true.  Kids and adults alike can enjoy cooling off in our waterslide rentals.  We have set up our units for various events, from something simple in the backyard to large corporate inflatable carnivals, and offer something for everyone.  

Inflatable carnivals are perfect for those that are looking to throw a fundraiser.  While everyone else is selling high-priced trinkets to their loved ones, you can offer something people will actually enjoy, an inflatable carnival.  If you are looking to impress, an inflatable carnival is a way to go.  Our water slide rentals fit right into an inflatable carnival and make amazing profits for your fundraiser.  We offer concession rentals that are the perfect addition.  Everyone loves affordable snacks.  The concession rentals are a low-cost way to add more to your inflatable carnival that people will surely be talking about for weeks.

In fact, we have many fundraiser events that go on year after year.  If you have been put in charge and don’t know where to start, call today, and we can help.